Cordúa Restaurants


"The joyous warmth and generous spirit of Latin Hospitality"

Cordúa family traditions from our hearts to yours. Churrascos offers the bold flavors of the South American parilla with all its fire and passion. From appetizers like empanadas and ceviches to our signature char grilled chimichurri marinated Churrasco steak and sensual Tres Leches. Paired with the best in South American wine Churrascos warmly transports you to an orchestra of flavor celebrating the grill, the grape, and your guests.


"exciting Latin dining and vibrant social rhythms"

Américas is a progressive Pan-Latin dining experience highlighting the gifts of the new world. What would history’s kitchens be without the tomato, the potato, vanilla, corn or avocado - Michael Cordua’s Américas uses contemporary cooking technique and discipline to pay homage to the mystery and treasures of the Americas. Take a trip with a Flight of Ceviches, Potato crusted calamari, Grilled Chicken Ahuacatl, or the signature Pargo Americas. With eye popping architecture, edgy and artisan mixed cocktails, and North and South American wines, Américas is a whole night of dynamic entertainment.

Amazon Grill

"the soul of carnaval in the neighborhood"

The excitement of Michael Cordua’s restaurant group and flavors in a fast family atmosphere… Featuring signature plantain chips, ceviches, gourmet tacos, inspired salads, torta sandwiches, popcorn chicken, and grilled specialties in a warm casual atmosphere. Don’t forget to end with carnival inspired desserts such as Funnel cake, Table top s’mores or miniature Tres leches.


"Dining romantico"

Located in downtown Houston’s Hobby Center theatre, Artista is chef/owner Michael Cordua’s opus. With breathtaking views of the downtown skyline and Tranquility park the show begins at dinner. New American signatures such as Soft shell crawfish taquitos or the Angel wings, ethereally light chicken wings for the elite begin ACT 1. A medley of the finest Gulf seafood and meats are grilled, pan roasted, and braised to perfection. Desserts include the decedent Delerio of chocolate, three layers of chocolate truffle cake, chocolate mousse, and chocolate ganache.