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Cordua Restaurants, founded by Michael Cordua, co-owns and operates 8 award winning restaurants in the Houston area, The Woodlands and Sugar Land, including Americas, Churrascos, Artista, Amazon Grill and Cordua Catering, serving over 750,000 guests a year. We are seeking experienced and motivated servers, bartenders, bussers, food runners and host/hostess for all of our restaurants. Our Mission is to be the top dining and entertainment choice in all markets by conquering hearts with our captivating Latin Cuisine. Our focal point is to provide exceptional customer service by giving our guests the best of us and to provide a professional development path for our employees. We are committed to equal employment opportunity and offer competitive compensation and benefit packages.

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Observations from our Chief Operating Officer, Fred Espinoza

Q: In your career - how have you taught managers to be better communicators?

It seems an easy task because most new managers equate communicating to basically just telling employees what they need to do. That is just one piece of the equation. We emphasize a lot the fact that communicating is also listening and looking for clues to see if the message received has been understood or that we have understood what they have told us. For example when somebody tells us something we may say: “so I hear you saying that…” or if we want to make sure that the message was understood we ask them to repeat back what we said. Nodding heads not always means that people are understanding.

Q:What three tips would you give to a new manager?

  • Always be available to listen to your employees. They are the engine of the business and they make it happen.
  • Lead by example. Nothing will gain you more respect and loyalty than showing them how is done and not just telling them.
  • Teach your employees how to fish don’t just give them the fish. It would make them better employees and they would be grateful that you took the time to make them better.

Q: In your experience - what set the best manager you have worked with apart from others because of his/her communication skills?

The ones that listen to their employees have avoid a lot of difficult situations but doing so and also the ones that have make sure that the message have been understood. With a new change of direction, I always told managers that to be successful with change it is like building a muscle, you have to repeat it plenty of times until it is second nature. In other words sometimes you have to keep emphasizing the message.

Q: When you hire - what 3 characteristics do you look for?

  • In this business, if you are going to be in the front of the house you better be an extrovert or you are going to be miserable and it will show.
  • Communication skills. They might have a great story to tell but if they cannot communicate it we have a problem. This business is all about telling a story to our guests.
  • Smile/Positive attitude. Nobody wants to come to a place where people are let’s say depressing/boring. We are on the entertainment business. There is enough stress in life. We want guests to forget about this stress during the time they are with us.