About Cordúa

Since his first restaurant opened in 1988, Nicaraguan native Michael Cordúa has long been recognized by national, regional and local food press as the pioneer of Latin cuisine in the United Sates. What Julia Childs did for French food, so did Cordúa for Latin. Reflecting Cordúa’s culinary brilliance, he is the only chef in Texas to be inducted into Food & Wine magazine’s “Hall of Fame,” and he was also named a 2011 James Beard Foundation award semifinalist and was the recipient of the Robert Mondavi Award - among other prestigious culinary awards. A founding member of United Airlines Congress of Chefs, Cordúa has established an award winning collection of restaurants that pay homage to him and the vibrancy of his food. While Cordúa characterizes himself as “just a cook,” his success is anything but ordinary.

In 2007 Cordúa was joined by his son, David Cordúa, a graduate of the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu Paris and who was named 2010 “Upcoming Chef of the Year” by My Table magazine. This father son team is a force to reckon with in the kitchen, and the charismatic duo has built a lifetime success with their Churrascos steak, ranked among Esquire magazine’s “Top 20 Best Steaks in America.” Other patron favorites include corn-smoked crab fingers, plantains, house-made cilantro dressing and the Original™ Tres Leches cake topped with a decadent meringue italiano. The gracious hosts deliver on their promise of hospitality with Cordúality!

With the opening of Churrascos, his first restaurant, Cordúa became synonymous with the Latin food movement. Now with eigh highly acclaimed restaurants to his credit - Churrascos River Oaks, Churrascos Westchase, Churrascos Memorial City, Churrascos Sugar Land, Américas River Oaks, Américas The Woodlands, Artista and Amazón Grill and Cordúa Catering – Cordúa’s 20+ years in the restaurant industry reflects his quest to showcase the foods and culture that originated in the Americas. The most commonly recognized including potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, corn, sweet potatoes, avocados, guavas, papayas, pineapple and chocolate are seen on tables across the globe – yet are indigenous to the Americas and Cordúa’s culinary palate. Fast-forward to his pairings of lesser known exotic ingredients of the Americas enhanced by classical and contemporary culinary techniques. Diners should prepare for a dining experience that is bold adventurous and passionate.

Cordúa has over time become as synonymous with his food as his décor, blending his traditional Latin roots with a passion for non-conformist design. Look closely at the interiors of Américas River Oaks or his newest Churrascos and you will see modernistic spaces paired with the rustic textures and simplicity of his homeland. He creates spaces that provide diners with a feeling of warmth married with his sophisticated sense of style. The furniture, lighting and linear expressions are distinctly Latin cultural nuances reinterpreted Cordúa style.

“When we opened Churrascos, my intent was to bring the Churrascos steak and the sophistication of Latin food to the table, “says Cordúa. “It’s there and the in our other restaurants that I can re-create the dinners of my home, where all are welcomed with the joyous warmth and generous spirit of Latin hospitality. The one constant mantra that David and I never waver from is that our food MUST be first of all Latin, yummy, artistic and comes from the heart. Those few words keep us rooted to our traditions – yet allow us freedom to create modern culinary expressions.”

Michael Cordúa, Founder and Chairman of the Board
I am passionate about my food and the delight I bring to your experience. I like to say, - “if your Mother loved you she would have cooked for you like this.”

David Cordúa, Executive Chef
Catering is limitless in terms of the experiences we can convey. Through customized one of a kind menus, we aim at stimulating all of the senses and create events that are reflections of our guests themselves.